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The Ghost Who Lives in Apartment 421B

by Post Elvis

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and the year 1925 my heart is left inside my mind and I think of of all the people I think of all the people in the bottom of my house there is a shelter of my stuff where I've kept the newest thing that come right out my mouth and the children they all laugh because I can't hide to my back and the words im speaking to you are never felt but cast never felt but cast and the ghost he lives inside my eyes and the ghost he live in my arms and the ghost he lives like a king dreaming of only one thing learning about the future digging through the past I gotta keep my brain alive gotta sail along the mast I know the fate for the way I lives its called my brain and my binary code my binary code and the ghost and the ghost lives on he lives on through me he lives on through you and he never wants to go and I never wanna feel that way again like I don't know I don't believe I don't see it I don't know what I do without you anyway and the ghost he lives in my arms and the ghost he lives in my eyes and the ghost he lives in the basement in the shelter that I built and he loves to play the organ he loves to play the organ the ghost knows the ghost sees all and that's just a metaphorical stretch a metaphorical stretch from the bottom of my house to the yard from beyond the grave I wont think of you and I know that I wasn't too wasn't ever nothing I knew my name was nothing and I know I'm just nothing like you I know I'm just you pain isn't like anything at all and the ghost lives on and the ghost lives on and the ghost lives on and the ghost and the ghost
Sunday Morning Brings the dawning I've got that restless feeling from you Our Eyes, they look upon you they see the faces all through you we have no feelings any more oh no It's time to wake up now Sunday Morning to you
ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER I never feel but my hearts not there I never think but my brains not there where did they go? GET ME OUTTA THIS AIR CONDITIONED NIGHTMARE rocks your brain just like a catchy Tune YOU WILL HATE LIFE MORE THAN LIFE HATES YOU "n" "d" "o" "n" "e" "s" "s" please just get me outta this mess please just get me outta this head ANOTHER BRICK INSIDE THE WALL I never feel but my hearts not there I never think but my brains not there I never hide but my shell's not there WE DONT NEED NO EDUCTION i never died but I'm not feared I never Cried but I'm not here where did I Go?
A bullet form the back of the gun reaches heaven, through the eyes of our "John" and our "protagonist" kills himself in an empty way. whats left for me to say? everyone went about their daily lives, fetching the things that they all hold tight. never things that they never feel at all. no one really cared at all no one really felt anything a society of robots and people with bags on our heads. and now we're lost the people trudging over. and though the people... the lives of the yonder the lives of the others we never... did he feel pain? did he have a life that we could compare to? did he realize that he was part of system of people ready to love him and die?
lyrics I know what for when life a box a shordingers box Sighing I give up i dont why I think I left my house because, its bright outside and it hurts my eyes to see everyone faces around I think I dont know how to clown around its supossed to be apart of human nature to be free But I'm think I saw a bird today and it wasn't free just like everyone here and i'd know because I'm a slave to my own castle but its just me what do i know I dont know I dont where I've gone or where Ive seen and yet I'm smaller than the average teen and I know that I think that people in the world agree that were living our life so differently than the yonder the yonder why is it so hard to agree jack nicholoson and his whole friends came to kill me and kill you and kill me and kill me and my spirit and those fuckers who sucseed giving me alot of shit for this I guess its part of human nature and such. no one told me life was so much work and no one told me, our happiness conflicts with our jobs and our reality and I'm still waiting for my princess but princess never existed so I'm fucking mad I'm fucking furious fuck this world, I swear
Lyrics: I would've had a normal child hood but my parents knew what I was good and now I'm doomed for all eterinity to live a life of loser city WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS? WHY IS THIS MY FATE? NOW I CANT EVEN GET A DATE quasi moto the computer on mondays no harm done to my body anyways theres no such thing as shame theres no such thing as dignity as well they're all outdated concepts, invented by the greeks issac brock he would proud of spilling heart and my organs to the brown flesh and paper skulls and now I have a Headache too we're standning here with sad look on our faces the lemons were a mistake Go To the Ocean Im driving over the ocean IM IN THE OCEAN NOW IM dowing in the sea yup The third PLanet it was empty they lied, to me And I tried building something out of nothing it left me bitter and alone for ten thousand years and now Im stuck so thanks alot Thanks alot. yup AUUUUUGH yup yup YUUUUUUP DOING THE DEAD ROACH DOING THE COCKROACH YEAH oh wait shit.
Castle 05:37
Why cant I leave this castle wall I see the blank stares out the window it makes me feel all alone I stand upon the gate looking like a total Irate and now its to stare out the window sill and look down look down look down OUTSIDE THESE CASTLE WALLS WHERE WE SLEEP AND WHERE WE FALL IS HELL AND WE DONT KNOW AND WE WONT KNOW WHERE WE ALREADY ARE A creature that can't crawl legs that cannot crawl a robot in withdraw (how do you know, how do you care, how do you exist?) We stare at the wall.


A short EP

consisting of some songs I had on SoundCloud that I remastered
and some unreleased stuff that I made out of boredom


ALL INSTRUMENTS by Thomas Torres except track 10*
remastered with Ableton live 9
Sunday moruning, pain and shine, and you got the fear made in Pro Tools
any sampled lyrics or samples go to their respective owners

*Track 10 was written and composed by Thomas Torres
Drums - Curtis D.
Piano - Marcus Anomalous
Bass, guitar - Melanie Medina
vibes - Jake Gamelin
Singer -Anastasya Korol


released January 20, 2016

Sunday Morning - The Velvet Underground and Nico - Inspired by the Lyrics of Lou Reed
Deidre - the Beach boys


all rights reserved



Post Elvis San Marcos, Texas

Welcome to Post Elvis, Enjoy!

Originally from San Diego, CA.

currently living in San Marcos, Texas

Background photo by Ahmad Dixon.
Profile Pic by Ava Anderson.
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