End of Summer EP

by Post Elvis

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Hello again.
Now normally, I originally didn't consider releasing an EP. after all, once I released an album, it only goes up from there. But I guess for some things, you still gotta start your way at the very bottom, and that includes making new music with no budget

So for the time being, while I'm working on a brand new album that's gonna blow your goddamn minds, I present to you four brand new songs. One of which I've played live several times. For those who like post punk, indie rock and pop punk. this one's for you.

after the release of the self titled Album, I've been working on some interesting and wacky songs. however it turns out I need more time to fully realize the new release, rather than rush something out hastily.

so for now, here's the "End of Summer EP"

stay tuned!

I'll be back.
I hope to see you guys soon.

Thank you guys for listening

-Post Elvis


released July 27, 2017

Music & lyrics written, composed, played and recorded by Me (POST ELVIS)
Cover by me

special thanks to Christian Barosso and Max Lopez for letting me use their images


all rights reserved



Post Elvis El Paso, Texas

Welcome to Post Elvis, Enjoy!

Originally from San Diego, CA.

currently living in El Paso, Texas.

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Track Name: The Disco Ball Beyond
All the lights have gone upon
the fading disco ball of yon
color me suprised to say
that regrets aren't here today
mind's molded like pots of clay
and figured out that it's okay

Two bit wise without a feeling of
discontent and forging feelings
I cut my nose until my bleeding
stops without me disappearing
tell the crowd to calm themselves
cause I have heard the cry for help

No more Feelings tonight
No more feelings tonight
I can't live without myself
I can't live without the guilt
No more Feelings

winding roads and falling faces
nothings left for more embracing
I have felt the lord above
with his lasting impression of the cove and I'm
breathing out the sins of the other world

find my stone upon my bed and I
think about the fire's bed and I
knows what's left for all my friends
and if I don't care to let them send and I know
I know it's not true
Track Name: Goodbye, Singularity
In the darkness
there's a man
with cane
all able

In the corner
of the ocean
there's a pyramid
with no eye.

I said satan
get away
I don't need
to hear another prayer

I felt God
but not for long
I want back home
I need back home


At the gateway
where I died
I saw the future
I saw the eye

Where the Data
it had gone
to the mirror
of my soul

The horizon
it was red
Not from time
but from blood

Let me tell you
I hope I make it
In the end
when I am gone
Track Name: Football Solo/Crows on The Field
to live and laugh
and learn to cry
to wake up in the morning feeling

to wake up in the morning
and to feel like life's another wasted

blood drips down my face and I
don't believe the lies when I am

If I were to be a while
I know I don't mean to cry and I.


the hook is that I am a loser
struggling against some stupid

I force myself to hold my tears
my face is red and full of fear and

The world will always spin adjacent
for those hooks like little vacant

get the past with subtle gestures
I hope you can forget my
Track Name: The Only Thing Pop Punk Killed Was My Hopes and Dreams
I am feeling life like a furnace
I am living life like a hermit

I found out my motivation
is to wait for expiration

So I'll go back to the 90's
where people weren't feeling kindly

let's all forge a path for the future
let's forge a path
for the future that we live
the future that we're currently at

things aren't quite the same like I thought
and I am feeling so distraught
finding paths of glory with my
own two hands it nothing short of

so I'll go back to the 80's
where things weren't so insane

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