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Post Elvis

by Post Elvis

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I have heard that friends are feilds and I've heard that it's hard to be real My senses overflow with grief and I'm dead I'm simply not the one, any more and to those that try I will say that some say that they think he's still alive Oh yeah Some think he's alive but it's not the truth It's a lie Oh yeah, It's a lie so I say to you and I say to you To please, please let him be.
Brain Powers 05:15
Neglect the ideologies and then profit from the panic people Shout against themselves in a total shouting manic the left is but a shadow of it’s honest former self the carcass left out bleeding and left foaming at the mouth constant hate and constant hate keeps building from below so when oppression starts when you start thinking thoughts just like you know. Ah ah ah that's how you say that I’m smart and opinionated leave out things like logic and then leave them isolated They’ll never guess, they’ll never guess that you’re the actual fascists while you program intros anarchy like total fucking sadists Leave the power in application whine that you’re not half the nation There are brain powers stuck on local dial while choosing yellow flowers deactivate the commune and replay the Cyber terrorist stash your hopes inside a dune and help the backwards rhetoric There are brain powers stuck on local dial while choosing yellow flowers deactivate the commune and replay the Cyber terrorism stash your hopes inside a dune and help the backwards errorism There are brain powers Forging from the napalm blasts and left out of the simpsons gag drone your cities like sun O under place your local code figure out the final fate of those who underestimate the fleeting glimpse of freedom’s gate is only temporary haste find your chariot of fire dipped in wax and slime perspire photo synthesize the moog re place without changing mood find the peace among the monks who lay down psychedellic funk The man of steel was a lie and took us for a single ride crown the sarge who was in charge that dropped the bomb away with kong and if I had a way with words please let them know what you heard
oh what a time to die the man on the moon had cried I see the neon signs I wipe my tears with the grime And even though I see you in my dreams the walls are caving in and means that I don't think where does all the old data roam? I I know they're there the CPU shows in dust in despair I wish I was there to care even though I see you in my dreams the walls are caving, and it don't think where does all the old data roam
Roboto 04:23
Please go lay down the funk never find that and you’re feeling stuck start riding and I feel the sun start dying and I need to run fix yourself a cup of coffee Nevermind that you had to serve me slice your neuron chords in half these things were never meant to last please tell me that you are a robot oh! Stop the sun and bleed the planets Cosmos entity and ban it’s energy from flowing rad hits stop yourself from being sad it’s Nine to five on monday night it’s 5 to nine with sunday flights I forgot my place in time please leave while my head is mine
JAPAN 05:38
If I knew the Place I would not be here right now and if I had the chance I would disappear right because I Don't feel in japan and I don't feel in japan city spaces and bright lights flash I close my eyes for them I escape from them I know
Seven Shackle city with a sword and I feel the lord binding up my time like some honorary grime Seagulls starts start to fall like the flies in the heaven and the spies in the city turn to fire in the Seven Enigmatic prophets when they turn a blind eye to the proper vessels screaming in the tower sky high forget the all intentions of the super static coda and form a tiny circle made of monetary quota So I’d like to be and I’d like to be an Incognito Man, I’d like to be an Incognito man I’d like to be an Incognito man Living in the city to not feel the land Breakfast in Uganda I’m feeling like nothing’s on ya! Please just let me know please just let me know, I don’t care. The angels in the city start an ever growing riot while the anger in the heart is contemplating quiet the shut in’s that were present have become the all forgiving, while the operators forgot things that were the past or living The feeling in the city that were always lone and vacant proper focus on their eyes stopping brains, starting breaking the news inside the box heralds happiness and freedom the world as they know it left behind full a eden
A voice came out of the door he said to me, get up off the floor I sicking in, and i take my pills out of my bag I'm checking in, checking out, and checking sure that you're doing just alright because I'm just feeling bad I'm just feeling bad thoughts I'm just feeling bad feelings and you know, that it's true that people,see you as you and it might frighten you at first and it might scare to bones but be still and it will pass these feelings were never meant to last
There is a change a change just like the future there is a change one too big for anybody else and I know why I know why so please take me away from here take my brain and put in a plastic bag and take my heart and put it in a surgeons box and take the box and please take it away from me and take the bag and put it somewhere safe for me at all I know why so please take me away from here
Lone 05:53
The heat of morning is now getting to me my bed is now sitting on fire and gloomy time to crawl out and so sue me holes of my life and the world has consumed me and it’s not enough, it’s not never not enough The fourth dimension crawls in and I’m seeing my reflection the thoughts of life run through my veins and all of it’s perplextions there’s no hope for me because I’m seeing myself I am now seeing the world for myself and it scares me I am now seeing myself for the first time and I just hate myself and I hope you understand and I know, and I know I wish I wasn’t a coward and I know, and I know you love me too and I know, that things aren’t quite alright now and I know. And I know I wish I wasn’t a coward
I'm living in a post apocalypse not much lived and experience but times comes for me to say good bye so when I go please don't follow me from behind SO GO SLOW I'll be right here where I always am Because eventually we will all have to go there's no questioning the interior motives of life The Words are coming back to me Back to me Back to me oh yeah And nothing will compare to the life that I once knew If there's a spot in heaven, I'd give it all to you There's nothing left to say, I just haven't had a clue that's what it means to me, I hope that's what it means to you to go slow to be dreaming, like a king to be a robot in withdrawal and the window that I stood at wasn't seeing anything The room that I was standing at just happened to be free a white noise made a wimper and the sun had just gone down I think I might've understood, if I wasn't so down to go slow


This has been a work in progress for about 2 years starting in 2015. Where I decided that I was going to make album that appealed more to a general public, including those who are less diverse in their musical journey, while still trying to maintain songs that I myself find musically satisfying. The following is a result of that ambition.

Since 2 years have passed, I have continuously reworked or scrapped entirely songs that I had written.

I hope you all enjoy these songs, I worked hard to bring you guys a really nicely produced and well balanced breakfast of musical munchies.

Post Elvis was started in 2015 by myself, The name comes from an obvious reference to Elvis Presley, but there isn't really an homage to Mr. Presley anywhere, and you wont find one either. The name is an homage to the era and the type of society where I am currently growing up in. An era of endless references, a dead pop cultural graveyard left for us to inspect.

Post Elvis is just that, the art zombie that comes alive in the 21st century.

my aim in life has always been to be as original and unique as possible, and I think that with Post Elvis, It's something that I hope the world hasn't seen before, and by doing so opening the possibilities and encouraging other artists.

nothing more, and nothing less.

I hope you all enjoy my project.

Thank you So much


released May 5, 2017

Artwork by the amazing KC Green

Guitar, Bass, keyboard, vocals and Drum Programming done by Thomas Torres (POST ELVIS)*

*Track 4 - Synth Solo preformed and written by Chans Valdez

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Thomas Torres(POST ELVIS)

Made with: Ableton live, and Protools,

Additional Help/Feedback and special thanks go to: Christian Barroso, Chris Warren, Max Lopez, Chad Lowell, Joshua Jackson, Alec Lobato,Curtis D. and to everyone at the SDSU music department

Completed in appliance for graduation completion credit of the Global Composition Major at San Diego State university


all rights reserved



Post Elvis San Marcos, Texas

Welcome to Post Elvis, Enjoy!

Originally from San Diego, CA.

currently living in San Marcos, Texas

Background photo by Ahmad Dixon.
Profile Pic by Ava Anderson.
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